Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Tips - Duck Bread

This tip is probably geared more toward those that have young children or a soft spot for feeding ducks in a pond...

This past Christmas I made a breakfast casserole as I always do.  It's just about the only time that you'll see me cutting the crusts off of bread...and I hated the large pile of crusts that I had needing to be thrown out.  BG and I were going to be walking with a neighbor a few days later so I decided to just save the crusts in a bag to feed the ducks at another nearby neighborhood that has a pond.  Well, the rain came and there sat the crusts.  Before they started to mold I tossed them into the freezer.  I slowly added the "heels" of other bread loaves and by the time we went on our walk we had a nice little collection of bread chunks ready for the ducks! 

Now I have a designated bag for "duck bread" that sits in the freezer ready for the ducks of Charlotte...by the time we walk or drive to a duck pond from our house the bread has thawed making for a perfect little snack and entertainment for us! 

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