Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I survived another round of whole30! It's always a challenge to stay compliant for 30 days but it's also ALWAYS worth the effort! Especially at the beginning of the year after treat overload during the holidays. 

I celebrated with a smoothie for breakfast (buh-bye eggs and bacon...), lunch at Flying Biscuit with friends and the piece de resitance was the red wine I had for dinner with friends tonight! Delicious. My girlfriend requested a cheesecake and I was happy to oblige with a drizzle of fresh raspberry sauce (which never photographs well - apologies!). 

BG was thrilled to have dinner at his girlie-friends house...they are like siblings - they love to be together but shooo do they push each other's buttons! You can hear airplanes fly over their house from time to time and these two were desperate to see a plane despite it being pitch dark outside...oh and that it was just me making fake airplane noises. Anything to entertain these little stinkers...

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