Monday, February 22, 2016

An Unusual Weekend

We had the best weekend!  Nate's parents were in town for a good portion of it so you know what that means...FREE BABYSITTING!!!!

Friday afternoon I snuck away for a bit to visit my sweet friend who just welcomed a baby boy.  I loved visiting with my girlfriend and her husband in peace - usually we have toddlers running amuck demanding our attention - but what I reallllly loved was snuggling their new bundle of baby blue.  I will say when I handed him back to his daddy I realized that my arm was dead asleep - newborns are tiny but he still got me good!

Friday night my hubby and I snuck away for an art show (I hope to blog about it in more detail this week) then we met up with this chica and her beau..  She was celebrating buying her first home and we couldn't resist cheersing to that milestone! Technically they were having a date night buuuuut I couldn't resist giving her a big hug and eating her leftover chips and queso!

We left the celebration aka datenightcrashing around 9:15 and headed to dinner.  That's right, we didn't go to dinner until 9:15.  Did I not mention yet, FREE BABYSITTING?? We felt like we were in high school again be-bopping around town to wherever our hearts desired.  Well, apparently our hearts wanted to eat at a raw bar.  Yummm.

Saturday we said goodbye to the grandparents and hello to a new Eagle Scout!  Our neighbors invited us to their sons Eagle Scout ceremony and we were truly so honored to attend.  (My hubby was just the Eagle Scout project away from this honor and didn't complete it.  If you were to ask him if he had any regrets in life I guarantee this is it!)  He spoke quite candidly about not earning his Eagle Scout many times with our neighbors and their son who thankfully turned his paperwork in just three days shy of his 18th birthday...he cut it close but turned it in and that's all that matters!  BG sat so quietly for the ceremony and I could tell that my husband just loved saying the Boy Scout salute on the other hand? I cried.*  How could I not though? My friends son was pinning her "Mother of a Boy Scout" ribbon as the Scout Master is talking about how much time, love and effort she gave to her son helping and hoping that he would one day become an Eagle Scout and then she turned to pin his Eagle Scout pin on him.  It really was an emotional moment..

And then.  And thennnnn. He gave a speech thanking his parents and asked his mentor to come up to receive the mentor pin.  His mentor? A wonderful man that I quickly recognized as his son was in my first grade class many years ago...and now that little boy was 16 years old and a Scout himself! So there I was boohoo'ing about our neighbors son and feeling so proud of all of them...seeing an old student (and his father) that I adored so many years ago...all while holding my sweet three year old boy knowing that one day he'd hopefully being receiving this honor. Amazing how our worlds can collide when we least expect it.

Sunday was a little less dramatic.  Ha! We had tea at a friends house (they are originally from Greece and France so "tea" meant Moroccan style tea service and a full meal!) so we were all still stuffed by dinner time.  We've been talking about getting Bojangles for a loooong time. BG believes that their slogan "It's Bo time!" was meant for him and everytime we pass one he asks if we're stopping!  Well, we pulled into the parking lot last night and instantly "Is it Bo time?" Perfection.  We really enjoyed portions of it but I'm not sure we'll be eating it again any time soon. 

After we put BG to bed I was searching the channel guide and found one of my very favorite movies on TCM!  Have any of you seen this before?  I basically serenaded my husband for the rest of the night...thankfully he's a good sport.

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