Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Celery Stamping

A girlfriend of mine shared a sweet little project with me where children stamp using celery (Thanks Nina!)! I'm not usually a big fan of busting out paint with a toddler but (what a surprise) one of my goals with BG this year is to just have more fun! In his eyes, paint = fun. Soooo I invited all of his little buddies over for a casual play date on the first of the month to start the month of love off with this sweet little project. It was such an easy set up: sliced celery stalk - red paint - paper plate - white paper. Boom. 

We ended up doing it again with some friends last week. My girlfriend took pictures of me helping her son because she was convinced he would turn this project into an all out debacle and she wanted to photograph the chaos. Not so! Such an easy craft for even the wiggle-iest of wigglers!!!

BG made several cards using the celery stamp and they were the sweetest little valentines. (I didn't want to post about them until all were sent - hence the post Valentine's Day publishing!) I also had him stamp a small canvas that I plan to use each February with our other simple Valentine decorations. 

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