Monday, February 8, 2016

(Healthy) Valentine treat

I know what you're thinking...gee thanks for another idea for a sugary sweet treat because I don't have enough of those already at Valentine's.  Alas, this is not a sugary treat but a naturally sweet one that we are loving at our house these days!

I decided to have a little fun last week when we entertained and it has spilled over into our everyday menu now.  BG can't get enough of fruit cut up with a heart cookie cutter or strawberries hulled just so.  It may sound simple (to the point of not even mentioning) but this simple addition to your fruit bowl can turn a healthy but regular looking side into a real treat for adults and children alike! I plan to do this with other cookie cutters throughout the year to spruce our fruit bowls up a bit...stars in July, etc.
We've been sharing plenty of these cookies with friends this month's not all fruit bowls around these parts.




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