Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why the cheesy name?

I mean really, who refers to them self as Mama Duck?  I have good intentions I promise!

When we first found out that we were expecting our sweet bundle of joy it was an absolute shock.  (More on that later!) After the news really sunk in there was one thing that the newly found father-to-be quickly requested: we can't find out the gender!  If I'm being honest I would have loved to find out the gender. decor...naming the baby...everything is "easier" if you know what to expect!  However if this was his one request how could I not follow through?  Plus there was some instant excitement to the surprise of it all.

So, because we couldn't refer to s/he as s/he we just started calling the baby Baby Duck; the latter of  which is a part of our last name.  Little did we know that this name would stick with others as well...If you need a rubber ducky we've got you covered!

So now that our sweet Baby Duck has arrived I have officially become...Mama Duck.