Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everything is FOOD

Did anyone else out there ever see Popeye (the musical movie NOT the cartoon)?  Well I did several times and whenever I feed BG I can't help but sing the following phrase in my head "Everything is FOOD." 


We officially have an eater.  A good eater too.  We were never too concerned that his transition would be a difficult one seeing as he was grabbing at anything that we were eating or drinking for the past six weeks or so.  We've decided to go the Baby-Led Weaning* route and so far so good. 

We started him with avocados and sweet potatoes and went wild from there. BG has enjoyed an assortment of fruits and veggies as well as Greek yogurt. His favorite food so far seems to be zucchini.  He is often caught double fisting it!

Just love these chubby fingers.

One very happy eater!

*Baby-Led Weaning basically means giving your child whole foods from the start versus purees.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poof...Six Months Later

My cousin Gretchen wrote something so inspirational the other a nutshell she said she'd try her best to blog as often as she could with two kiddos. It got me thinking, why can't I get my act together and blog with just one baby? Thanks for the inspiration, Gret! So in the past six months our lives have gone from this...

to this...
Sweet Mister BG has grown so much and continues to amaze us with the simplest smile and belly chuckle. More to come...I promise.