Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Kids Club

I bring snacks for BG when we go just about anywhere but he sure does love a special treat from certain grocery stores. Our favorite TJ's employee always has a special snack up her sleeve for him and Publix/Harris Teeter have free cookies for little ones. My favorite treat spot however is Whole Foods! 

After you check out your child can choose a treat from the Kids Club section. BG is always so excited to choose from their selection, usually a variety of fruits, pointing to the exact piece that he'd like. 

You'd think this fruit was made of gold and sugar. He could hardly wait to take a bite of his apple!

This FREE program should be available at all locations (I've been to spots in NC-OH-MI myself) and not only does your child get to make a healthy choice each time they visit but during the week of their birthday they'll receive a goodie bag filled with great 365 products for children! Ask to sign up at the customer service desk and your child will receive their own Kid's Club card to show at each visit.  

Healthy snacking boy = one very happy mama!

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