Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Customer Service

Do you ever have horrible customer service? Of course you do! We all do! And we just love the thought of calling the store back and giving them a piece of our mind. 

Well, do you ever have AMAZING customer service? Of course you do! BUT do you ever call back to compliment the employee? You should!

Let me give you a few examples of why these positive phone calls can actually make a difference in someone else's life!

Example A: I received amazing service at Home Depot. I call the manager to compliment the employee for her service and patience with me. When I return the next day for my gallons of paint (versus the samples I'd purchased the day before) this same employee came around the counter to thank me of all things. Apparently my call earned her a Homer Award - extra paid time off and a cash prize. Just from a phone call complimenting her for my positive experience. 

Example B: Trader Joes employee provides us with amazing customer service. I call and speak to a manager complimenting this employee. Next time we're in the store she finds me and thanks me profusely. Her great service continues and so do my phone calls. Months later she confides in me and thanks me for helping her get a (much deserved) raise!

I'm not sharing these stories so that you can pay me on the back - I'm sharing them because it just shows that one phone call can really create a positive effect on someone else's life. If you try to focus as much or more energy on the positive service you receive you'll be amazed at how much happier you feel entering these stores as well. 

Here are tips to make it simple for you. 

- keep the receipt with you when you get into the car. Don't tuck it in the bags, your purse or anywhere else. Keep it with you - the stores phone number is on it!

- Make sure to call the store as soon as you get settled into your car! It's highly likely that you'll forget to call if you don't do it immediately - life just gets in the way even when we have the best of intentions. 

- when you call immediately ask to speak with a manager and the more neutral you sound the better. I always say the same phrase "Hello, I'd like to speak to a manager about my customer service experience."

- explain to the manager the name and service you received from their employee. I always make sure to include the following phrase as well "I wanted to make sure that they receive recognition for their service." At some stores this is a verbal announcement during a team meeting while other stores can have greater benefits for the employee!

- be prepared to hear relief from the manager! Think about how many times a day they get a negative phone call from customers..they appreciate positive feedback just as much as you'll enjoy giving it!

I hope you'll find as much joy in doing this as I do! 


  1. great post! I totally agree we tend to call management for sub par sevice but not for excellent service ...going to try to do this more often .

  2. These are great tips and something we all should do. I have worked in customer service my whole life and it's amazing what one person's praise can do. Unfortunately we tend to share the bad more than the good. Maybe if more people get recognized for good service it'll be easier to find.