Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dream Job

Have you ever thought about what career you'd really love if time, education and money were no object? I know exactly what I would want to do.

I'd open my own bakery.

(This is the bakery from It's Complicated and pretty much my ideal setting!)

I'd make everything, and I mean everything, from scratch.  Breads, bagels and all things baked. I can just imagine stepping into this magical place each morning to bring sweet smells and delicious treats to friends and customers alike.

Now if I could just eliminate the early bird wake ups and financial risk of running a bakery...

What would you do if the sky were the limit?


  1. Owning a bakery would be a dream! I always think that everyone in a bakery always seems so happy and content - the staff, the customers, the bakers - wouldn't that be wonderful to surround yourself with happy people every day! I mean, who doesn't love sweet treats? New follower ~ love your blog!

  2. Wow what a lovely space! I too love baking (my SIL and I joke about opening one). My dream job would totally be a Food Critic or one of those people who travel the world solely to eat new, amazing foods-ha!