Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Friday is here again! I'm looking forward to this weekend BIG time. 


I completed another big cookie order for The Independence Fund. The easiet way for me to protect them from little boy fingers is to lay them to dry on a tarp in one of our guest rooms. It's always an honor to help this amazing organization, even if it is in such a small way. 


My friend Nina and I love to talk about food together. She got me hooked on making my own zoodles and I got her hooked on using one of our favorite Ina recipes. She recently text me with this muffin recipe from her blog knowing that BG would love it!  It's so simple and he ate two muffins in one sitting!  (I used coconut oil vs olive oil, omitted the extra sugar and chopped up dark chocolate vs mini chocolate chips. I was able to make 16 muffins vs just 12 too!) BG has been enjoying these all week. 


Hanna Andersson pjs are back at Costco! It's been almost two years since they've had them and I literally squealed when I saw them!  BG always looks so darn cute in them.


I'm obsessed with checking the website Everything But The House.  They have locations all over the country and essentially host an online auction of fantastic pieces from peoples homes. Has anyone purchased anything from here?


My family has been doing a March Madness pool for decades and this year BG was actually able to tell me which team he'd like to choose. I have Michigan State winning, Nate has Kentucky and BG has Georgetown. It's the only pool that I've ever done and it's always so much fun. Almost all of our extended family enter since the winning prize is Graeters ice cream - I mean, who wouldn't want to play for that prize? 

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