Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Bee Season

The bee's are back and unfortunately that means the mosquito's aren't far behind. I like to carry this sting stick in my bag just in case any of us get stung or bitten. It doesn't completely erase the problem but it helps ease the pain/itch until you can get home and address the problem more in depth. 

This year I'll be carrying it well into the fall!  Last year one of the children in our playgroup was stung by a bee in late October - I hated that I'd left this at home as I'm sure it wouldn't given her some relief!

Did any of your moms carry a sting stick? It's one of the things my mom always had in her bag of tricks when we were growing up. 


  1. This is a super good mom tip to have. It's going on my "stock the medicine cabinet" list.