Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday - Foodie Style

We've been sticking to the whole30 plan for quite some time now but let me tell you we are counting down the days until we can eat at our favorite Charlotte restaurants. For my local friends, please tell me you've tried them all! For those of you that are out-of-towners, I hope that you can try them all one day soon!

(sidenote: I asked my husband what he thought my list would include and wouldn't you know that he guessed every last one!  I guess it really isn't just me that loves these spots.  He also suggested I do a breakfast and desserts spots post separately...fooooood)


I've named this one first because it honestly is our very favorite place to eat here in Charlotte. It's a hole-in-the-wall and if you don't know what you're looking for you'll drive right on by it BUT that's part of what makes it our favorite. I always get the same thing and it never disappoints: pulled pork, white slaw, baked beans, mac n cheese and of course piping hot hushpuppies! Oh, and a sweet tea please!  I can still remember the feeling of being seasick when I ate there on a picnic table at eight months pregnant with BG and now we've had them cater BG's birthday every year because it's honestly one of his favorite meals as well! I think I might need to have a party with 521 catering once we're done with Whole30!!


When I first moved to Charlotte in 2005 this was my absolute favorite place to take out of town guests for dinner. It's a unique environment, delicious food with a twist and you can grab dessert from Amelie's on your way out of NoDa. I love to order the blackened mahi tacos but you better believe we're there for the corn salsa and queso just as much as the main dish. In fact, I often have leftovers for the next day after filling up on salsa and queso! PS I always get the chocolate mousse cup at Amelie's while the mister prefers the staple salted caramel brownie. 


We've been big fans of Cowfish since it opened but for some silly reason it was just over a year ago that we finally ordered bento boxes and we haven't looked back since.  Perfection. BG himself enjoys the children's bento kiddo meal in town if you ask me! 


With its gorgeous uptown location we'd always find ourselves here at the chefs table, especially when we had guests in town!  My favorite dishes are the handmade raviolis, specifically the butternut squash when it's in season. Just like most Italian restaurants the bread and white bean starter never disappoints.  


If you love Indian you must try this delicious spot, the cousin of Copper! The paneer tikka masala is always my favorite dish here but their naan is the real showstopper. It doesn't matter how many pieces we order, it never seems to be enough. Although unusual in its flavorings we love to end our evenings there with their dessert sampler. It's presentation is flawless but the flavors are truly unusual for our normal dessert fair and that's what makes this all the more delicious. My mom always requests this when she's in town and how could we deny her?

six - oops!

Food Truck Friday

I couldn't forget Food Truck Friday!! Our friends invited us to join them last year and we've been hooked ever since!  With it's casual atmosphere (picnic blankets on the ground and byob) we love the feeling of chatting with friends while being encircled with food trucks of all flavors and varieties with a perfect view of the Queen City.  Our favorite food truck, like so many in Charlotte, is Papi Queso.  However, Nate and I still talk about the desserts that we've had.  Yes, King of Pops is delicious on a hot day but wait until you order this delicacy from Sticks and Cones - Krispy Kreme Raspberry Donut - they slice raspberry filled Krispy Kreme donut in half then fill it with vanilla soft serve.  The best.

Any favorite spots in Charlotte that we missed and should make our list??


  1. Can't forget about Moe's! Mmm, I'm hungry now!

  2. Oh how I miss Cabo Fish Taco, Amelies, and Cowfish! We used to live in Uptown and I don't want to admit how many salted caramel brownies I ate. I still have dreams about the bento boxes and the tuna nachos.

  3. Jason's favorite is Copper so we will have to check out that other Indian place. Oh my I haven't been to Cabot fish taco in forever. I love that place

  4. Now I want a salted caramel brownie from Amelie's!

    Also...they do a food truck lunch on Wednesdays in SP and Papi's Queso Truck is there a few times a month. It's my new favorite lunch treat when I remember it!

  5. These dishes are mouthwatering, and I could really feel the craving while I read your post. Although, for me, the food truck is the best option since it is the most convenient either when you’re in a rush or has to take your meal on street. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for that post, Elizabeth! All the best!

    Lawrence Neal @ Prime-13