Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To Grandmother's House We Go...

We finally had a chance to visit our extended families up north this summer.  We actually made one big trip out of it meaning that BG slept in four different places over the span of seven days, bless his heart. 

Our first stop was to my grandmother's house in Green Bay, WI.  From the moment BG was born I couldn't wait to introduce him to my grandma.  I knew that she would love him, that was a given, but I also knew that he would heal a small piece of her heart as he had healed so much of mine. 

We named our sweet boy after my father, whom we lost suddenly at the beginning of our pregnancy.  BG has given us more joy and filled us with more love than we ever imagined and I just hoped that he would do that for my grandma as well.

So for a few sweet days this summer BG filled his great-grandmother's home with sweet giggles, drooly breakfasts and his first attempts at crawling. 



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  1. So sweet, Mama! I love that BG is named after your dad. He would be so happy and love Beau so much.