Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Happenings

We had a super eventful weekend and in classic blogging mama fashion I took almost zero pictures of the "main events."  I like to think it's because I was enjoying the moments instead of documenting them.  But the truth is, I was able to enjoy those moments because I forgot to get my camera out.

We had the first swimming lesson of the fall session on Friday.  They added a little twist to the normal routine...real pumpkins in the pool to swim with!  How cool is that?  I would never have guessed that they would float but they certainly do! 

On Saturday evening we hosted our annual pumpkin party.  (Elizabeth did a fantastic job as always designing our invitation! I highly recommend Sunshine Ink!!!)

I was literally having too much fun to take pictures...  Carvers in action...and a blurry picture of BG entertaining all of his new friends with his toys.  Love that boy.

Sunday afternoon we had a sweet little party to attend - Miss M turned one and we were able to join in on the birthday fun.  Rachel really out did herself with all of the perfect little details!  BG was thrilled when he realized lunch consisted of BBQ...little man loves him some pulled pork.  As a party favor BG received a pig snout...it has provided quite a lot of entertainment for us at home.
After BG's nap that afternoon we decided to venture out to our local pumpkin patch to grab a few pictures and hopefully find some pumpkins to take home and carve. 




  1. A weekend full of fun! We were happy to get to see y'all twice this weekend. The pumpkin party was a lot of fun and the girls loved all of BG's fun toys =)

  2. I am SO behind on log readind these days and I'm just seeing this. SO glad y'all got to come celebrate and wear pig noses with us :)