Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A (Not So) Normal Wednesday

This morning we ventured out to our normal Wednesday activity...Musikgarten with Miss Annette.  BG looks forward to this just as much as I do.  We both love music and fact he's literally the only baby in our class that "sings" along.

After a quick nap I ended up taking him to see the doctor.  He's had a few (not so serious) issues the past few weeks and thankfully we'll have the test results back by Monday. As we were leaving the nurse gave him a little ball...he had an iron grip on it all the way to the car.  Notice his lower lip?  He loves to stick it out all the time now...especially when he's concentrating on something.

I put together some Boo-bags during his afternoon nap. We were "boo-ed" the other day by a neighbor so we had to pay it forward to two other homes.  I ran to Trader Joe's in hopes of finding some tasty fall finds...they were almost completely sold out of all things pumpkin!  I found a few things and hopefully they get a kick out of it all!






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