Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catching Up

We've been really lucky the past couple of weeks to have Nate working from home. This includes impromptu play sessions, three shared meals a day and quick trips/errands together.  I have been loving the extra set of hands and adult conversation...BG has just loved being with his Pops.  Here are a few of the highlights from the past couple of weeks...BG stars in all of them, of course.
Enjoying pizza on Friday night...I tried a new sauce and he was ALL about it.  Why I didn't use this one to begin with I do not know.  It's my moms recipe that we ate weekly growing up.  The best part is that it makes enough for 3 to 4 pizzas! 
All smiles after mealtime.  This child loves to eat.

A manly stop at HD...why do boys love projects so much?  Nate created at least two or three more for himself while we wandered around the store.

It's getting chilly on our morning in mid-60's...perfect weather for bundling up!

Our little bookworm will sit for the longest time "reading" to himself.  Even in the most awkward places like this he finds a way to curl up with a good book. 
Music class is always a favorite mid-week treat.

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