Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Decor

 I am by no means a decorator but I like to dabble in a little fall décor here and there.  Although we keep it simple I also like for the decorations to last past Halloween so only a few things are "Halloweenie" allowing them to last through Thanksgiving Day.
I loved one of my new finds this not-too-sparkly pumpkins!  I found them at Pier One after reading a review on another blog.  SO cute and festive!
I am NOT a smelly scenty kind of girl but there's something about this candle that I actually love.  We bought one last year from Target and another one this year.  I almost never light candles...but I love to light this one almost every night!
Our last touch to fall décor was sticking our little pumpkin in a pumpkin.  Cliché?  Definitely. Nate doesn't insist on much with BG but this was a must for him.  We put a towel inside of it so he wouldn't be cold and thankfully it was 78 degrees so he was quite comfy! Then we traced his hands and feet for a pumpkin on the front stoop.  Nate carved a ghost pumpkin to balance out the opposite side of the door. 
I'll post a picture tomorrow of our sweet boy in his actual Halloween costume...

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