Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The good and the bad

Having mom in town allowed me to accomplish so many items on my to-do list. When I realized her visit overlapped with my friends chemotherapy treatment I knew I needed to drop my to-do's and just keep her company during treatment. It was such a blessing to sit with her and have uninterrupted conversation for hours. We talked about politics, laughed over old memories and even cried a little bit talking about both of our futures. 

Karen is one the strongest people I've ever known. She is fighting this awful disease with everything's she's got and I was so privileged to support her while she kicked some cancer booty. 

After I took her home I started listening to my song for Karen - when I first heard it over a year ago I couldn't stop crying and aching for my friend. Listening to it now isn't any different but it did get me thinking about modern medicine. 

This specific "cocktail", if you will, is extending my friends life - so that she can see another day with her son. This cocktail also knocks her on her rear for days at a time. It allows her another chance to breathe fresh spring air. It caused her to lose her beautiful hair. But she's here with us...battling this disease with dignity and a lot of spunk. 

We love you, Karen...

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  1. I LOVE you guys too!! Thank you so much for sitting with me. It helped me more than I can express!!