Monday, March 28, 2016


Last week marked four years since I lost my dad. 


I took some time away from the blog because I didn't have anything nice to say, and honestly, I was just sad. My mom had just left to go back home (enter worrying about her being alone) add in some other personal "bologna" (as my dad would say) and I just had nothing to say that you would have wanted to read. 

I'm feeling better this week. Ready to tell a funny little story. Ready to laugh.  Ready to focus on being happy - even though a part of me is just really really sad. 

I'm not sure when that part stops but I will tell you this - you should call your parents and tell them how much you love them. Visit them. Hug them and enjoy that feeling of safety and pure love that parents give to you so effortlessly and unconditionally. If I could have one more day with my dad you better believe I would want it to be filled with "loves you lots" and "loves you too, kiddo" and the safest hugs I'll ever know - and introducing my BG's to each other, of course!!!

My dad was the best. 

(I know, yours is too. That's the greatest part about parents - they really just are simply the best to their children.) 

My dad wasn't dramatic but he was loving. He was strong and stubborn but he was truthful, giving and compassionate. He lived a life full of putting family first, being respectful to all people and stopping whatever he was doing to help someone in need. 

A true gentleman. 

I'll never forget this dance. He was so passionate about our song choice and we sang it to each other as he led me around the dance floor. 

And now when I sing it to BG I can feel his presence so strongly. 


  1. Thinking of you my friend. Love you

  2. Precious words. Precious memories. I've been thinking of you around this time, because I know it's when we both found out we were pregnant four years ago.
    I'm so sorry for the grief your heart has known, and still feels. Praying for peace and comfort for you. Love you.

  3. I'm also a member of that terrible "club" no one wants to be part of. I learned just how precious and fleeting life is; not to take it for granted. Loss made me appreciate the little moments so much more, funny how grief does that. What sweet and precious words you have written. I pray that you are finding some comfort and peace today, God bless.