Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mule with a twist

Do you have a favorite cocktail? I go through phases where I love one in particular and then move on to the next craving.

I like ordering Moscow mules when we're out and about. They always taste refreshing to me versus boooozie. My girlfriend has been telling me about her favorite twist on a mule for well over a year but I just never got around to trying it. Then we were at the beach together and she made this as my first drink away from BG and it. was. perfection. 

The ruby red vodka is tart and yet sweet. The lime juice is not as sweet as simple syrup and the ginger beer is just refreshing. I usually squeeze fresh lime into my glass as well. Served over ice I can't help but relax as I sip away.

Thanks for finally getting me hooked too, Anne!

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