Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday


This week was a toughie for all of us. On Saturday BG ended up needing to visit the ER for the first (and hopefully last!) time with a leg injury. It scared us all but thankfully by Monday afternoon we had answers and he is already up and making his way around. He's a tough cookie, that BG. 


We had breakfast for dinner this week because all of us just needed a pick me up. These hit the spot!


After days of little sleep, emotional exhaustion and keeping BG immobile I realized I had a "party" to throw. Thankfully hosting bunco really just means providing a space for everyone to play and a few snacks. I'd been dreaming up a cheese board for well over a month and talking about it nonstop with my fellow cheese loving girlfriends. It came out better than I'd expected and was really quite simple. Although I was completely focused on it while two of my girlfriends set up the rest of the food and maybe it was more complicated than I realized?!?

(Thank you again, Faith, for the picture. I can't believe I wouldn't have any record of it if it weren't for you!)


Between yesterday and today I got to have some honest-to-goodness girlfriend time. Nothing rejuvenates me quite like sincere conversations at the kitchen counter or swapping stories over coffee and donuts. I consider myself very lucky to have loyal and comical girls in my life. They put up with my shenanigans and really push me to get out of my comfort zone. 


Random? Yes. Buuuuuut. These are so good...salty and sweet and crunchy...perfection! 

Here's hoping the week ahead is calmer! I have a great Tuesday tip coming for my fellow watermelon lovers!

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