Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Watermelon

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this but I despise cutting watermelon. LOVE eating it. Can't stand the sticky mess from cutting it. Soooo I would buy it precut to avoid the headache. Then my aunt found this video of a physical therapist cutting it a different way and I was forever changed. Now I cut and clean an entire watermelon in less then five minutes! 

Please excuse the quality of these pictures - I'm not sure how food bloggers manage to make every step of a recipe look so beautiful with their hands a sticky mess!

Cut your watermelon in half from top to bottom. 

Slice both of the sides (two to three times depending how large your melon is or how big you want your chunks). Do not cut all the way around! Leave at least three inches on top and bottom. 

Slice from top to bottom. 

Slice from side to side. 

Use your knife to "carve" all the way around the pink part cutting/separating it from the white portion as far down as your knife can reach. 

Stick the end of your melon in a gallon baggie. Pick it up and SHAKE that fruit right out. 

Zip and toss that empty rind!

Hope it helps anyone else that can't stand watermelon juice all over their counters, floors and toes! Ha!

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