Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday

This post is happening thanks to good girlfriends and the YMCA pool. We went this morning with our buddies and had so much fun. BG hasn't been sleeping well the past couple of weeks so hopefully the hot sun and splashing around will give him a nice long nap. 


I made my second ever full cheesecake this past week for Father's Day. My husband is a HUGE peanut butter fan so I thought a PB chocolate cheesecake would be ideal. 

I used Reese's Oreos for the crust - chocolate cheesecake - peanut butter cheesecake - chocolate ganache - then finished it with some chopped up Reese's cups. 

Honestly? It was way too rich for all of us. I ended up sharing a good bit of it with friends because we just couldn't eat it anymore. 


Something happened to my poor zucchini plant the other night. Either the wind from our storm or just the sheer weight of it made it topple over. We still had luck picking though! 


It's been a long week for us but it just reminded me of how lucky I am to have some really great girlfriends. Three nights this week someone had us for dinner and it was just so much fun to break up the monotony of our week. During one dinner  I learned a new "sauce" trick for chicken and pork. Basically you pour vinegar in a small dish with minced garlic and cracked pepper. It turns any protein into salt and vinegar dipped deliciousness. I've tried my best to capture it but it always ends up looking like a science experiment. I promise it tastes amazing though and it's whole30 compliant!


Looking good while shopping for a baby gift.* He's loving his babiators and wears them constantly. I'm hoping he's used to wearing them by the time we get to the beach. If you're on the fence about buying babiators just know that they replace them if they are lost or broken. Yes, you can lose them and they will send you a new pair FOR FREE! 

*Babies are popping up everywhere! One of our close friends found out she's having a boy so we had to find a few of BGs favorite things to spoil her new bambino. All kinds of friends are now having their second babies AND almost all of them are opposite genders from their older sibling. So much fun for all!


I'm considering making my own laundry detergent lately. I love the smell of clothes washed in Tide and Downy as much as the next gal but I just keep thinking about all of those chemicals. We use Kirkland unscented organic blah blah blah now for all of our clothes but I keep feeling the itch to make my own.  I found a powder mix recipe that I'm thisclose to trying. Anyone have a positive experience doing this?

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