Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday


We are loving this combo for light lunches these days. So good! I had it at the Kentucky Derby yearrrrrrrs ago and it's been a favorite ever since!


We grill year round BUT the minute I can get delicious sweet corn I like to put this recipe on the menu. I emailed a bunch of friends just over a year ago for recipe inspiration/favorites and it was such a great jump start for me. I've continued swapped emails with several of these gals as we find new "favorites" but this still tops my "favorite of the favorites" list. 


We have the best system with a couple of our friends. We go for looooong hot walks every week (sometimes after a quick breakfast too!) and then let the kiddos down to play for awhile at a park or our backyards, etc.  This past week it was hot hot hot but that didn't stop these turkeys from having a good time together. 

(This is on our walk back to the cars from the playground. We don't normally double up on our walks. Ha!)


We're still loving lip sync battle in our house. If you haven't seen the Hough siblings episode yet it's worth a watch. Our favorite episode so far...for the shock value and the amazing talent they both have!


This is BG's idol these days and I can't say that I mind. The dads went to their monthly whiskey tasting together so we girls took the boys out for an adventure. I still can't imagine BG ever being this big but I know it's just around the corner. 

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