Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Strangers

I had a fantastic experience today with BG and it got me thinking I needed to sit down and write a tip to all of you. 

Talk to strangers.*

Crazy, right? Stick with me here. 

I was walking into the grocery store and I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting in his car in the handicapped spot. He had the windows down, an oxygen tube across his nose and was working on a crossword puzzle. As I approached his car I saw that his license plate paid homage to Toledo. I just couldn't help myself.

"Excuse me sir, I don't mean to bother you but are you from Toledo,Ohio?"

Twenty minutes later his "sweetheart" as he referred to her had returned wih their groceries and BG and I had made two new friends. Not only were these perfect strangers from Toledo but they had graduated from the very same high school that MY sweetheart and I graduated from many decades ago. They attended the same church that my hubby was raised in. And they too have a deep fondness for our very favorite pizza spot in Perrysburg. 

Talk to strangers. 

Strike up a conversation with someone walking by who's dress you like. Maybe they got a steal deal on it and you'll be able to score one too! Or maybe you'll just make their day with that compliment. 

Tell another mom at the park how you adore her son or daughters curly hair. Maybe they'll want to meet again for a park play date so you can continue chatting while the kiddos play. 

Exchange pleasantries with an elderly person at the store. They usually havean interesting story or two to tell...and maybe their lives will have crossed paths with yours before!

*this goes without saying but please don't talk to the scary or unnerving strangers that you encounter - if your intuition tells you to be alarmed then listen to it and just keep walking. 

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  1. love this. it really is a small world, & we've gotten so scared of everything sometimes we miss sweet little connections right in front of us!