Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday

Thought I'd squeak a post out before it's officially Saturday.


On Saturday we took BG to his very first symphony. I had been looking forward to it for months because I just knew that my little music man would be captivated. The Charlotte Symphony had Peter and the Wolf as their final Lollipops concert for the season and it was perfect!  The first portion of the concert was a compilation of well known pieces featuring animals. The second portion of the concert featured a narrator telling the story of Peter and the Wolf as the orchestra played. Such a fantastic first experience that he continues to talk about. At one point during the concert he whispered to Nate "This is wonderful."  Cue all the mom tears. 


Saturday night we had a little date to see Pitch Perfect 2 and then sushi for dinner. My husband is a HUGE PP fan so we were so relieved when the sequel was just as fantastic as the original.  I actually went to see it again the next night with some girlfriends. I laughed hysterically both times. Aca-awesome. 


Hide and Seek. Such a fun game to play at home...but BG found it just thrilling to do at the luggage store. Can you spot him? "Where'd BG go, mama?"


This week I bought a flat of berries at the farm. I've experimented with so many new to us recipes. Hoping to share our favorites with you soon! (cough strawberry bruschetta cough)

We dropped some off to our neighbors too!


Our week has been full of weed picking in the garden and deep-end swimming. 

Summer, I love you. 

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  1. I used to love Pete and the Wolf as a kid! Although I never remember seeing it performed live. I do think that was a perfect show to take your son to, especially for his first symphony.