Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday

I wanted to take a moment to relax after a crazy week and what better way to do that than with a quick blog post?


Nate made reservations for Mothers Day brunch uptown. Gorgeous views, delicious food and no dishes make this mama one happy girl!


We have THE BEST neighbors, seriously, we do! Our back door neighbors opened their pool and we've been getting in daily despite BGs attempts at wearing his floatie as a hat. (If you have a little swimmer I can't recommend a Puddle Jumper enough. BGs been in one since last summer and is so independent in the pool because of it. I spied them at Costco for under $15 this week if you need one!)


BG was so lucky this week to have a couple play "days" with one of his buddies. We were all exhausted after each full day together - so much fun to hear these little stinkers loving on each other...I have a new admiration for mothers of multiples!!!


My girlfriend and I were craving more fresh strawberries so off to the farm we went to pick. It was a beautiful day for picking and chatting with some of my favorite Michiganders. 


Nina was THE best and brought a piece of her chocolate Nutella cake so Nate and I could have a treat tonight. Wellll I also made strawberry hand pies. Lots of treats in our house this weekend...whole30 what??

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