Saturday, November 29, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Did you know that the state of North Carolina produces the majority of Fraser Fir trees in the US? I just found that out last year!

We both grew up cutting down our trees each year and we even did it when we lived in Ann Arbor. So naturally Nate has been wanting to go up to the mountains for a fresh cut tree since we moved here and we just never made the time for it. Well, we finally got to do it this year! 

We left once BG woke up armed with lots of treats and books for our little guy and coffee treats and my Christmas cd collection. It takes about two hours - easy and quick day trip!

We arrived to a snow covered Blowing Rock and it was simply perfect. There are so many different farms to choose from but we got the inside scoop ahead of time from our friend Allie on where to go. Appalachian Evergreens was quaint and just what we'd hoped it would be! 

(He had fun, I swear!)

We found the tree!

BG loved walking through the snowy fields - minus a few snow-eating face plants! Ha!

The views were spectacular! Can't wait to go back again next year!

Our next stop was another recommendation from Allie. Woodman's BBQ is a staple in the Blowing Rock area but apparently it's also known for long wait times on busy days. We only had to wait about a half an hour thankfully! 

Come to mama!!! Chopped pork, coleslaw, baked beans, fried okra and BGs beloved hush puppies! Everything was delicious!

BG barely spoke to us during lunch. He was either shoveling food in his mouth or flirting with the little girls behind us. I'd call that a success!!!

We hit the road right after lunch and were back home before sunset. Now to adorn our beautiful tree (it's drying off in its stand from the snow right now!) and the rest of the house before we start entertaining for the holidays!


  1. Fun, fun, fun!! So glad y'all had a great day. And, no trip to Blowing Rock is complete without some Woodlands BBQ. Yum!