Monday, November 24, 2014

Must Watch Movies

I come from a very film-oriented family. Each weekend my dad would take us to the video store where we would pick out films to watch over the weekend. My mom made popcorn on the stove and we all settled in each night for the show. My dad in particular always had the most eclectic taste in movies and music so we watched everything from black and white films to new releases. The collection of VHS and DVD's that my parents have still rivals most collections, making for amazing entertainment when we visit.

One of the movies that they introduced me to years ago was Finding Neverland. The movie stars Johnny Depp as the writer of Peter Pan following his innocent yet unusual lifestyle as he created the play itself. I recently read that it was going to be a Broadway show. I was so excited as it is such a sweet story and I can just imagine how lovely it will be on a stage. I told my husband about it and we realized that he had never seen it!  Needless to say, we remedied that!  After we finished watching I started thinking about all of the other movies that I love that others may not be aware of soooo...

I'm going to start featuring movies that we've enjoyed over the years in hopes that you'll enjoy them in your home as well! 

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