Monday, November 24, 2014

A Weekend Away

Friday morning at 4:30 AM we left on the first flight out of town for Ann Arbor. BG is a seasoned traveler so as long as we have plenty of snacks he's usually a happy camper. 
Our layover was in O'Hare and boy do I love that place now. I used to dread flying through there but now that we've found their indoor playground it's probably my favorite place to have a layover! BG had so much fun flying planes, helicopters and running up and down the ramps throughout the place. 

Once we got to A2 (as the locals refer to it since AA would have a different meaning to most) we went straight to the hotel for naptime. We had dinner plans that night at Zingerman's Roadhouse with one of my very favorite people in the world!! BG waited patiently for his beloved, Cora Rose, to arrive. 

Laura and I went to high school together and bonded quickly over theatre and mission trips. We only see each other once or twice a year but we all fall right into place with each other. 

Trying to take a picture with two wild children is always an adventure...

Saturday morning was SO cold and the rental car was covered in ice so BG got to "drive" while the car heated up and Nate could get some of the ice to break up on it's own.  

We took BG to Washtenaw Dairy for donuts and milk. Definitely worth the trek in the icy cold air. 

Next on the list was visiting our old home-away-from-home, the Ross School of Business. BG ran all over the place and had a blast. We stopped by my old office and then he got to use the classroom whiteboards for awhile. We both miss the days of grad was stressful for Nate and I still can't believe the Dean's listened to a word I said, but we have some of the dearest friendships and sweetest memories because of it. 

Nate was putting change in our parking meter and BG was spent. Here he is laying down with a fabulous horse exhibit in the B-school. 

After lunch and a nap BG rallied in his gameday gear for the football game. 

The score wasn't in our favor but we still had a blast at the last home game. BG loved looking out our level at all of the buses and emergency vehicles that surround The Big House on gameday. 

Since we are season ticket holders/donors we were invited (with a million other people - ha!) to come on the field after the game. Just as we were wrapping up a crazy cold rainstorm opened up on all of us...

We were crazy people and decided to join Nate's bff's dad for the hockey game right after the football game. He has amazing rink-side seats and we knew BG would be captivated. The band was right above us so we spent quite a bit of time walking because between his exhaustion and the loud noises (and the hockey players ramming the glass in front of us!!!) he was a bit antsy. 

It was already late so we thought why not get chocolate malts! Crazy! BG sat on a bar stool and chatted away with the college kids while we waited. I'm sure they all thought we were old-weirdo's but they couldn't get enough of mister "less-go-boo!"

This is how he looked the whole way home Sunday. Dizzhausted!!!!

We had such a blast...Ann Arbor is for lovers!!!! 😍

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