Saturday, November 8, 2014

BG's Dream Ride

Sometimes I forget just how lucky we are and then nights like tonight happen. 
Blogging brought our families together. 
It just amazes me.
Faith and her husband Chad has us over for quite the action packed evening, especially for BG.  Chad's parents have the most spectacular backyard (which of course I completely forgot to get a picture of) but after you walk through their "secret garden" you get to his dad's work equipment.  
Chad has been saying for awhile now that he wanted to take BG for a ride in this skid steer and tonight was finally THE night.  BG was so excited to ride in the "front loader" and took it all so very seriously.  He had the best time even though he looks so stoic.  Chad is so sweet with him.
After everyone took turns riding and playing outside we got the little's inside for a little pre-dinner playtime.  I just love this shot of them playing in Lolly and Pops playroom. They are always so busy!
Tonight we all brought different pieces to make a tasty meal...brats (that Chad grilled over an outdoor chimney!), the best potato salad (Faith got us hooked on this over the summer), baked beans and sauerkraut.  We actually managed to have entertaining conversations because the little's ate and entertained each other!  What a treat for everyone!
After dinner we had a toasty fire and made smore's.  We've never had anything other than traditional smore's before but I assure you there is no turning back now.  Faith and I coordinated the fixing's for ritz marshmallow reese's smore's.  SO.  GOOD!!! 
BG and sweet E sharing a marshmallow moment.  She preferred the ritz crackers so he just ate all of the marshmallows she'd already taken little bites out of. Ha! Perfect pair. 
I'm so thankful for the blessing that this family is in our lives.  They invite us into their home.  They let us (and expect us to) be ourselves.  They too cherish these fleeting days with our sweet babies loving on each other.  But most importantly, they help us to remember that family comes first.

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  1. So glad we were finally able to make this happen. It was so fun to watch BG have a ball. We always love our time with y'all, and last night was especially fun! We are thankful for your sweet family!