Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Expiration Marks

Hello friends! Another simple tip to make life a little bit easier on you I hope!

In our house we try our best to eat and drink organic and natural foods. Often times any liquids that are organic need to be consumed with 5-10 days of being opened.  (It goes without saying that you need to read your labels and trust them versus little ol' me.) after one too many unsure "When did we open this milk again?" my husband asked me to please pretty please just write the date we opened the milk somewhere on the container. 

At first I thought it was silly but now I'm hooked! Not only do I write on the milk but I also write the date on the lid of any broths or other items that have a limited expiration once opened. (I also like to add how much broth is left if I can...I just cross it out as I use more.) I have a black sharpie that stays in the kitchen just for this purpose, because let's be honest, if it's not within reach I'll just "do it later" aka "forget".

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