Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Freezing Baggies

Here's a quick and easy tip for your Tuesday...

I absolutely love to freeze things which I'm sure is no surprise to you at this point. Whether it's fresh fruit, leftovers or yeasty-doughs I always do one simple thing before throwing them in the freezer. 

I suck the bags air out with a straw. 

My mom taught me this little trick that helps really seal your foods and preventing any major freezer burn! Just seal your baggie at the top leaving a bit of room to sneak the straw in. Holding either side of the sealed bag suck in until all/a majority of the air has escaped. 

I use the same straw over and over and keep it safely tucked away in my cutting board drawer. That way, nobody accidentally uses it for a smoothie and I'm never searching the kitchen for a new one.

Below you can see the bag on left has been "vacuum sealed" by moi while the bag on the left was just zipper sealed at the top.  

I realize you can literally vacuum seal bags with a special machine BUT why buy a special machine and specific bags when you can just use a regular drinking straw for a similar effect?