Thursday, February 5, 2015

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already! Happy to join the Five on Friday fun again this week!


First things first.  I finished my most recent round of Whole 30 this week.  I was able to complete the program with fidelity and it paid off. I'm proud to say I'm 13.9 lbs lighter!  It was the perfect push the I needed to continue my weight loss journey - I went straight into my next thirty days. Hoping for the same success!


Whole 30 has been great but I'm always looking for other ways to make healthy choices. April posted about the benefits of lemon water this week and I am jumping on board!  With that many healthy outcomes who wouldn't!?!


We spent the Super Bowl with our friends and their Indy Fund community. BG met a new friend - this gentleman was wearing a Packers tshirt and BG was instantly smitten with him. It was such a fun night and boy did we leave with a greater respect for our servicemen (and their caretakers!!!!) and the freedom that we often take for granted each day.


I've been grabbing some really great items for our house recently through local sales. I just scored this beautiful Karastan rug for just $25!!!


This little boy makes me so very very happy every. single. day. 

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