Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

Another week. Another five! Thanks for hosting again, ladies!


This past week our neighborhood completed a service project together. Each home was challenged to fill a bag with gently used books to be donated to Julia's Cafe. It's a devision of Habitat for Humanity here in Charlotte where you can purchase used books and/or get a delicious coffee.  It was such a simple way to do a little good this Sunday!


Speaking of books, this is the pile on my nightstand to be read. I love having a library card...turning each page is so much more enjoyable to me than scrolling and scrolling.  Plus sometimes they give me the large print which is awesome for tired nights when I still want to read for a bit.


On Sunday Nate found a movie for us to watch called God's Not Dead. It was very interesting - a young college student is challenged to prove that God is truly alive. So glad he iced this one...I'd never even heard of it before!


Another picture from my nightstand, yes, but this little jar has been my BFF this week.  I am a chronic hand washer. Always have been, always will be.  Well that means my hands get really dry all whiter long and unfortunately quite sore at times. My dad found No Crack years ago for my mom and it has helped her hands heal all year long. Mom just sent me a new jar this week - it's really difficult to find it unless you enjoy scented lotions, in which case Restoration Hardware private labels it!! If you have dry or sensitive hands you need to try this!


Parenthood. I can't even believe that it's over. When Sarah said "The very best." Oh my. What I wouldn't give to have a similar conversation with my dad.