Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm back again this week with a "things I'm loving" on Friday.  Thanks to you April and your sweet friends for hosting.  Such an stress-free way to blog with five simple thoughts or ideas!


We bought a new-to-us bed this past weekend.  It's actually from the exact same line as our nightstands and dresser (that we purchased separately) so we were excited to finally find the matching piece.  I can only think of two pieces of furniture in our house that we purchased directly from a furniture store - the rest we've picked up along the way from various place.  It can be hard to wait for the right pieces to come along but it's been a fun treasure hunt all the same!


As part of the Whole 30 challenge we've eliminated many of our favorite foods (pretzels and popcorn I misssss you!) which allows us to find new favorites that are healthier too!  I'm very picky about buying out of season fruits but took a chance on the fresh berries that Costco has for sale this week and boy am I glad I did.  The blueberries and strawberries were divine but the raspberries?? Amazing!  I never would've thought they'd be as good as fresh picked...but they hit the spot!


A friend of mine was telling me how much she loves Boogie Wipes and I confessed that I'd never used them for BG.  Well after hearing her speak so highly about them I grabbed a pack this past week at Target.  They have been amazing!  We were just using regular tissues on his runny nose all weekend and he had gotten a red sore nose.  Well these babies cleared that right up! I'm converted!


Please tell me you're watching this fantastic series too! Don't worry, no spoilers here - I just can't believe it's ending so soon...I've ugly cried during this show more times than I care to admit.
I walked eight miles with my friend, Nina, on Wednesday.  Amazing how good conversation can make the miles fly by!  She has a new watch that tracks how far and how quickly we walk which makes going farther, faster that much more tempting!


  1. Ahhhh love those boogie wipes!!! They are the BEST!!!! :)

  2. I can't make it through an episode of Parenthood without crying ! Also I want to walk with you ladies :) 8 miles! That's awesome

  3. LOOOOOOOVE Parenthood!

    So jealous y'all can walk 8 miles with your kiddos. If I do anymore than 3 Maggie loses her mind. I'm lucky if I cant get in two!