Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Leftover Smoothies

I'm so excited to finally be writing this. Instagram has been such an easy platform for me to share and learn tips about anything and everything. I often find myself thinking "how did I not know this?" or "I'm surprised they didn't know about that yet."  Let's be honest, it's not usually the latter!

So...my goal is to post a tip or two on Tuesday's. These tips will range from cooking to cleaning to who knows what else. They won't be complicated - in fact my list right now contains several "maybe this is too simple to share" items that I've learned myself, through friends but mainly from my mom! My hope is that someday one of these tips will help YOU!

So to kick things off I give you the easiest Popsicle idea ever. Do you make smoothies in your house? Well, we do quite a bit and always seem to have a little leftover. I simply pour that extra bit of smoothie into our popsicle mold and voila! a sweet treat for mister BG!  
 Once frozen, I add them to a gallon baggie and it make quite the colorful assortment of flavors!

When he's in need of a little pick me up this always hits the spot - a cold treat that he loves that I know is full of nutritious fruits and veggies.

A simple way to waste less by creating a sweet treat for later!

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  1. You know this is one of my favorite tips from you!!! Mmmmmm