Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

So glad to be taking part in this linkup again with these lovelies...


What a treat to wake up to this sight...said no homeowner EVER! The husbands reaction was calm and collected. Can't say the same for myself. I mean, really.  Who takes out your mailbox and doesn't even leave a note saying sorry you have to spend $$$ on a new mailbox during the holidays. Big ol' Boo. 


My girlfriend has been doing the single-mama-thing this week so we decided to meet for dinner last night. Her hubby is on a mountain trip writing a book - it's actually his second!!!  Anyway, BG and I met her and her sweet girl for dinner last night. Miss A was quite the lady sitting politely and smiling while she ate. BG?? Well he somehow turned his entire body and rode on the highchair like a horsey!  That child is a mess. And I love him. Don't worry, I did the responsible thing and videotaped him instead of correcting the behavior. Memories!


This twist on trail mix is ADDICTING!  I found the recipe in one of the many Southern Living magazines that sit on my side table untouched - unless BG gets to them of course. I used to immediately sit down and leaf through them when they I'm three months behind! Something to look forward to I guess!  I'll share the recipe soon. It's a nice addition to the normal Turkey Day fare!


I finally decided on what to make our sweet boy for his first birthday cake! A vegan strawberry cake - even though it's a cupcake recipe it transfers well into a cake. I'm thinking two small layers for our egg-free baby!


Although in this house we've decided to celebrate one holiday at a time (NO judgement to those who don't though!) I just couldn't resist purchasing this print for our fireplace mantle. Thankfully it takes a week or two to create and then ship - perfect timing for an after Turkey Day arrival!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

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