Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Calligraphy 101

I have several goals for myself this year - one of which is finding outlets for my creativity. So when I saw openings for a Kristen Henderson calligraphy workshop I signed up! I've been eyeing this particular workshop series for the longest time and I'm so glad that I finally decided to just do it! As luck would have it a very good girlfriend of mine (as in she read in our wedding!) also signed up for the same workshop without either of us knowingit! We figured it out when we were chatting just the other day - what a happy coincidence! 

We spent just shy of three hours learning so many tips and tricks of calligraphy from Kristen: nibs, dinky dips, papers, inks...and of course writing writing writing. I have a long way to go as you can see but I'm excited to continue working on my lettering skills and finding my own style within it. Plus my girlfriend and I now have another excuse to get together, drink wine and practice our lettering!

When the class ended three of my other good girlfriends let me know that they'd be waiting for me at one of my favorite spots. Bonus! I zipped over to Foxcroft and proceeded to stare at the delicious donut that they so lovingly saved for me to smell. Even though we're constantly texting nothing beats a little meet up at your favorite place with some of your very favorite people...even if they taunt you with a donut. (Love you girls...)

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  1. I've been working on brush calligraphy lately! I wish I had known about the workshop. That was awesome, I'm sure!