Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We had a delicious lunch with friends today at Chopt  (and it's right near the newly opened Jcrew Mercantile so of course we had to pop in there!!!).  

Their children's meal options are fantastic. BG loves to have "snacky" type meals so this is right up his alley. You can fill this little container with whatever "choppings" you'd like. Genius!

I'm a big fan of having salads made by other people (why do they always taste so much better?) so chopt is right up my alley! I had a mix of spinach and romaine lettuces with the following choppings - apples, avocado, broccoli, grilled chicken and a hard boiled egg. They have a whole30 compliant dressing "Mexican goddess" but last time it was a bit too spicy for me so this time I brought along my own balsamic dressing and poured some in the dressing cup!

Nate always gets their Cobb salad - my friend got it today and agreed that it was delicious!

This really is such a healthy option for dining out - can't wait for the location just around the corner to open up!

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