Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday - Holiday Movies

Seeing as its the last linkup with April and Co. before Christmas I just had to share five of our favorite holiday movies. We are all about Christmas movies in this house - in fact the mister enjoys them just as much if not more than I do!  Here are five of our favorites that we always make sure to watch during the holiday season...


We just love Home Alone. It's a classic, plain and simple. I love Kevin's loud scream.  And the scream that Marv lets out when the tarantula is on his face - it makes me laugh every time!


I grew up on this movie - anyone else?  The Santa is so real and I love how they depict the North Pole.  It's actually on Netflix streaming right now so watch it if you have a moment!!


This is another classic for me. Mary Steenburgen plays a Scrooge of a mother but quickly finds her Christmas spirit. It's also available to stream on Netflix! 


Love Actually always makes me smile and cry. My roommates and I watched it on repeat our senior year of college so it will always evoke sweet memories. My favorite scenes are when the prime minister gets caught dancing and when Emma Thompson cries to Joni Mitchell. Fabulous casting all around!  


Technically these should be five and six but we'll  just go with it.  Nate absolutely looooves these two movies.  He'll watch any Christmas movie really, but every time I put either of these in he will undoubtably say "Oooh, I like this one!" 

Happy Holidays to all of you...I hope that you find time to sit down, relax and enjoy popcorn and one of these movies before the New Year!

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