Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday - BG Style

What better way to get back into blogging than by linking up with  Five on Friday ??? 

I obviously have some back blogging to do...but I figure a proper week in the life of BG will work for now. We had a relaxing week...something to do every day but nothing too overwhelming. 
Just how we like it!
We met our friends Rachel and Lew on the Greenway for our weekly walk and chat on Monday.  Rachel and I try our best to walk fast enough to sweat but not so fast that we can't chit chat the whole way!  BG and Lew take turns chirping from their strollers but BG usually ends up this way. 

We were so excited to have another park play date with some fellow mommy bloggers here in Charlotte this past Tuesday. These ladies are such a joy to visit with and BG spends his time encroaching on their blankets, playing with their toys and at times ignoring all of us for a nice tasty handful of grass.  I won't name any names but he was pretty darn close to locking lips with an "older" woman!!!

We went to our usual Wednesday music class - BG looooooves music of all kinds so this might be his favorite activity of the week.  His teacher, Miss Annette, is so sweet with him - always encouraging his "singing" plau she has new songs for us to learn each week.  I highly recommend the Musikgarten program for any music-loving babies, no matter where you live!
We met our friends Theresa and Acadia for lunch on Thursday. BG did really well eating out per usual...he just mooched my lunch in between making eyes with Acadia.  Although maybe I should have kept my eyes on Miss A too...she did sneak in a little hand holding at the table.  Love these chubby little baby fingers.

BG and his Pops had their weekly swimming lesson today.  This is actually an older picture...somebody was too busy staring at the water for a picture today.  BG loves getting in the water each week but I'm convinced that Nate enjoys it even more.  For any local babies that need swimming instruction Charlotte Aquatics has provided a wonderful experience for all three of us!

Cheers to a nice weekend!

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  1. Happy Friday! I really want to get my daughter in swim lessons (she LOVES the water!) but haven't done it yet! So fun! :)