Wednesday, July 8, 2015


It hasn't even been a year since my girlfriend, Karen, called to tell me that they'd found out why she hadn't been feeling well. 


We met many years ago when we both started teaching at a new school. We became the dearest of friends within what seemed like minutes of meeting. 

She has seen me on my darkest day - she was with me when I got the call that my dad had suddenly passed away. She supported me that night and for many many months afterwards as I began this new chapter in my life. 

Now it's my turn to support her as she fights this agonizing and exhausting battle. 

When she told me the news on Tuesday that the cancer had spread I didn't know what to say. We spent the rest of the night communicating about what this all means for her. Texting until the wee hours of the morning. 

She told me Wednesday that the only thing that sounded appetizing to her was banana bread. Several hours, one loaf and a babysitter later I was able to visit with her this evening. But I really just wanted to hug my friend. To tell her that I loved her. And to feed her the bread that I poured more love than sugar into. 

Karen needs prayer warriors like never before. For healing from this awful disease. For relief from the pains that consume her. For more time with her precious three year old son. 

Please pray for my friend. 

Our faith can move mountains.  
Matthew 17:20

More on Karens journey and updates here:

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