Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Be Gone, Cable

We decided to cancel our cable for many reasons but most importantly it was to focus on family time without the distraction of the tv. We don't have a cable box/bunny ears but we do have Netflix so we watch a lot of movies and shows at night once BG is down. I didn't think I'd enjoy being without cable as my days can get rather lonely and looooong but it wasn't too hard to adjust. I have the network apps and can watch most of the shows I liked before the next day except my abc shows which post two weeks after viewing on air (I'm looking at you Scandal and Nashville). So I just avoid twitter for spoilers. Everything else seems easy enough to find or forget -Except for these...

Game day. Oh how I miss watching my Wolverines...this hasn't been our strongest season but we are nothing if not faithful supporters. Nate has several ways to track the game but it's so much more fun to hear the excitement of all the games in our home. 

Christmas movies. We've gone through a whole season without them and although we have a million DVDs worth (thanks Mom!) it's not the same as having Hallmark on 24/7 for the month of December. (Any other Faith and Cody fans out there? I'm still hoping for a sequel.)

Bravo. Oh how I loved Bravo. I was a bravoaholic and I didn't mind one bit.  It's probably better that I don't have access to it because it really is pure trash and negativity for the most part - but it's 100% entertaining! I especially miss the RHO...shows. And if anyone cares to know, I'm totally Team Don!!!

Sons of Amarchy. This is the last show that I expected to fall in love with but they had me at Jax. I can't  find a single way to access this show online. I'm a season behind because my Netflix/amazon prime only go so far but I'm dying to see how this series ends. Any pointers on where I can find it?

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